Sensory Enhancing technologies are invaluable for research and development, providing ‘WOW’ textures creating new innovative product launches and experiences. The rise of sensory beauty has been linked to mental health in the past years more than ever. Self-care has become incredibly important and one way to achieve it is through sensory beauty.

Why do sensory aspects of beauty formulations matter? Consumers link sensory factors to functionality and its key when making their purchases. Sensory attributes have a major impact on consumers’ perception and appeal of skincare, hair, and color cosmetics products. Ingredient selection is key in formulas to marry performance, aesthetics, and a unique sensory experience delivering innovative textures.

Sensorial analysis is used to evaluate the consumer acceptance of the cosmetic, especially for products of general topical use. In the cosmetic industry, sensorial experts evaluate product properties such as color, odor, taste, touch, texture, and noise. Sensory evaluation data has been used as a part of marketing decisions when launching new products. Gaining knowledge and understanding by the sense of touch through sensory mapping allows us to gain insight into the consumers personal experiences. Ex. Application, consistency, softness, hydration, oiliness, stickiness, spread ability etc. of a cosmetic product.

To appeal to consumers in highly saturated markets, products should not only provide good quality but also be visually appealing and offer sensorial experiences.  The way a product looks, feels, performs can make an impact into the consumer moods by creating a special “me time” and customizable experiences.

Barnet offers transformative ingredients that will make an impact on consumer experiences. These unique ingredient attributes make formulations stand out from others in the market. Ignite your senses with Barnet’s Sensory Enhancing ingredients that marry performance, aesthetics and a sensory experience delivering unique, modern textures.


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Sensory Enhancers

Barsoft TXM

Hydrous Booster


Blurring Polymer

Barfix H

Natural Film Former

Barfilm L

Luxury Boosting Film

Bardiol IPD

Maximum Performance Polyol

Barlux MG

Luxury Texturizing Powder


Instant Tightening & Firming

Barcleanse STO

High Efficiency Anhydrous Cleanser

Barsil 2001

Silky Texture Enahncer

Bartone MW-300

High Internal Milky Phase Emlusion


Cushion & Matte Finish