About Us

About Us

Our Approach

Our approach is customer focused and consultative. We are dedicated to helping customers build personal care and cosmetic formulations from the ground up; from concept to manufacturing.

Customized Consultations
We offer a hands-on, customized approach to showcasing our highly scientific ingredients, trending concepts, and starting formulas tailored to the needs of each customer.
Cutting Edge Technologies
We offer consciously created Bio-Active ingredients and texture creating System Formers that are globally sourced, highly scientific, unique, and well-tested.
Starting Formula Library
Our starting formula library contains over 100 starting formulas to showcase Barnet’s concepts, trends, and technologies. Meant to inspire, the formulas include skin care, color, sun, and hair care.

Global Innovation Center

The Global Innovation Center offers an encompassing range of laboratory services.

Expert Product Knowledge Customer Training

Formula Design

Scale up and Process Engineering Support

Global Support Services

With a global reach, we stand tall as a reliable partner, providing seamless, world-class service that propels businesses forward and exceeds expectations.

Customized Logistics

Our logistics program supports customers globally. We currently operate in 6 continents and over 30 countries with dedication to supporting the needs of customers regardless of location.

Compliance & Regulation

Our ingredients are globally compliant, align with a variety of well-known industry standards, and meet individual customer requirements. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond the pursuit of beauty, lies the path of responsibility. Barnet Products is committed to conscious progress of environment sustainability and social responsibility. Barnet will make an impact through our employees, partnerships, product development and supply chain. Barnet embraces the opportunity for global participation to bring added value to customers and the world at large through the Barnet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative.

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