Barcleanse STO

Key Attributes & Certifications:

Sephora Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

EWG (1-2)

RSPO Certified


Halal Compliant


No Preservatives

Barcleanse STO is a unique surfactant that can be used to create high efficiency cleansers for anhydrous makeup. When Barcleanse STO is applied and rinsed with water, it self-emulsifies creating a milky-white emulsion, cleansing the skin without leaving an oily after-feel.

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Starting Formulas with Barcleanse STO

Are you in a rush? Take cleansing with you on the go! Infused with charcoal powder to detox the skin from dirt and impurities delivering the right amount of moisture and lipids into the skin. Once the stick interacts with water it will bloom into a cleansing milk removing impurities, dirt and sebum.
This nourishing balm-oil quickly and effectively melts eye makeup with a unique effortless glide for a clean and easy removal. It starts as a silky balm and then transforms into a luxurious oil melting makeup away. Say goodbye to racoon eyes!
Keep skin clean, healthy, and soft with the Self-Emulsifying Cleansing Oil. This advanced cleansing system self-emulsifies with water allowing easy removal of oil. Without stripping the lipid barrier, the Self-Emulsifying Cleansing Oil effectively removes makeup and impurities.