Barsil 2001

Key Attributes & Certifications:

Sephora Clean Compliant

Credo Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

No Palm


Halal Compliant


No Preservatives

Barsil 2001 is a very unique emollient designed to boost cushion and slip to formulations at very low concentrations.

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Starting Formulas with Barsil 2001

Acqua Mouse is a light and airy textured mousse that transforms into an oil once applied. This formula has a quick dry time with light to medium coverage. Acqua Mousse is perfect for all genders and keeps skin moisturized and healthy while blurring imperfections!
Do you know the secrets of the blue zones? Blue zones are longevity hotspots where people can have a life expectancy of more than 100 years. The Blue Zone Gel Cream offers a quick transformation from gel-to-cream delivering blue zone source actives into the skin! The whipped cloudy texture was developed thru a lamellar crystal technology obtaining the maximum delivery of actives into the skin. Live on!
This water-like gel foundation delivers a breathable sheer-to-medium coverage. The lamellar crystal emulsion seals in moisture which restores the stratum corneum and shrinks pores to create a picture perfect complexion with a healthy glow.
A sun-kissed, weightless, long-wear buttery highlighter for the face and eyes. Apply to areas that catch light to achieve a subtle or supercharged HD look. Infused with skin barrier repairing actives that will deliver a healthy glow!
From sheer to full, this tinted moisturizer allows you to customize your ideal coverage level! The high water content delivers hydration to the skin while also smoothing for an even surface. Wear alone or under makeup for a natural, powdery finish.
Fight dull, uneven skin tone daily. Apply the Citrus Smoothing Cream to improve skin’s texture and appearance. Achieve a brighter, renewed, younger looking complexion when applied both day and night.
De-puff, treat, and repeat! A 3-in-1 eye treatment cream that immediately brightens and minimizes imperfections. The eye tight cream contains sheer, light reflecting pigments for an instant glow. Infused with Vitamin C, this airy cream hydrates, instantly tightens, and wakes up tired eyes. It can be worn with or without makeup to illuminate, de-puff, and smooth the entire eye area for a more luminous and youthful appearance.
The Flawless Matte Balanced Foundation ensures a balanced and healthy complexion. As a result of skin harmonization, overall skin health is improved, and blemishes are diminished. This holistic approach maintains skin hydration, treats blemishes lesions while offering natural matte finish.
Glide on a no-crease, long-lasting moist jelly eyeshadow with a feather lightweight feel and a silky application! Formulated with flexible film formers and moisturizers that will keep your eyes hydrated and flawless. This golden metallic eyeshadow sets quickly for a smudge-proof night out!
This Jelly Cleanser is a must for beautiful skin! The transformative texture provides an enjoyable experience as you feel a burst of water upon application. Once you begin rinsing, it will self-emulsify removing oils and impurities leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized.
Semi-sheer, lightweight liquid gel color that glides on the lips like silk. This smooth formula moisturizes leaving the lips feeling hydrated and plump. This product wears comfortably with a non-drying feel and imparts coverage with a subtle shine.
Primer meets moisturizer for the all-in-one skin prep step! Rebalance stressed active skin microbiota for a healthier, well-balanced complexion. Lightweight moisturization delivers a soft, smooth base for flawless makeup application for an on-the-go glow. Perfect for all skin types, the skin will look smooth, balanced, and primed for locked-in looks.
Protect your skin from daily exposure to pollution with this rich foundation that will immediately quench dry skin. This Alpha-Gel emulsion is combined with actives for maximum skin protection from environmental damage and the stress of fast-paced city life.
QD Foundation is a lightweight formula designed with BB coverage and powerful age fighting ingredients. This formula combats aging with quasi-drug approved components to reduce fine lines and inflammation for a rejuvenated, fresh complexion.
Rejuvenate your skin in the fountain of youth! A combination of natural algae and plant extracts rejuvenate aging cells by boosting the function of youth proteins and mitochondria. This silky serum protects against moisture loss by improving the condition of the stratum corneum, and keeps your skin wrinkle-free!
Experience the transformative power of Retinoid F™ serum. This unique blend of ingredients minimizes inflammation while effortlessly blurring skin imperfections. Retinoid F™ Serum rejuvenates and reverses the signs of aging, unveiling a youthful and more radiant complexion utilizing a unique combination of Vitamin A and F.
Unveil the magic within Retinoid F™ THD Ascorbate Cream, embracing all the perks of retinol without any of its harshness. Let your skin revel in the brilliance as it brightens and hydrates, revitalizing your complexion for an unmistakable, natural radiance. This unique formula ensures not just a glowing appearance but also nurtures the skin deeply, making it smooth to the touch. Indulge in the beauty of rejuvenated skin, effortlessly captivating attention with Retinoid F™ Technology.
Touching up grays has never been so easy! Root Touch Up Powder instantly covers roots with little to no mess. Extend the time between salon visits with Root Touch Up Powder!
Introducing Skin-Flooding Water Cream, a hydrating formula that floods your skin with moisture! This cream deeply hydrates ensuring your skin stays healthy. Wear alone or layer to increase moisturization, improve efficacy, and strengthen your skin barrier. Experience supercharged hydration with Skin-Flooding Water Cream!
Achieve a brighter complexion with Skin Brightening Moisturizer. Reduce skin dullness while also moisturizing, without an oily feel. This formula focuses on creating a process of restoration rather than masking the flaws. Improve skin radiance and confidence!
A lightweight, easy to apply setting powder that will create the perfect skin veil for a flawless complexion. The incorporation of soft-focus hydrating powders will blend effortlessly on the skin to set makeup all day long.
Smoothing Texture Gel glides right on to skin with a silky application. It glides on creating the perfect base layer and leaves skin feeling great!
Packed with a special blend of liposomes to repair, protect and restore damaged, irritated skin. This serum shot provides intense comfort and suppleness after each use due to its enhanced skin delivery system. Light, non-greasy, quick absorbing formula makes it perfect to throw on as you head out the door!
Calm your skin with Soothing Pressed Serum, designed to brighten and clarify skin while reducing irritation and redness. Infused with actives that help accelerate the recovery of blemishes, this soothing serum will melt into your skin for a nourished, clear complexion.

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