Corporate Social Responsibility

Barnet Products is committed to conscious progress of environment sustainability and social responsibility. Barnet will make an impact through our employees, partnerships, product development and supply chain. Barnet embraces the opportunity for global participation to bring added value to customers and the world at large through the Barnet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative.


The Barnet Lifestyle begins at the foundation with a focus on our most valuable asset...our people.

• Health and Wellness

• Training, Development & Engagement

• Inclusivity

• Work/Life Balance

• Volunteering



Barnet embraces the responsibility of being consciously aware of resources consumed and devoted to reducing our overall impact.

• Global Responsibility

• Corporate Responsibility

• Global Innovation Center Responsibility



At our core, Barnet strategically crafts ethical products with an emphasis on traceability, transparency and social awareness while remaining a driver in innovation creating high performance products.

• Transparency

• Certifications & Industry Standards

• Conscious Product Development

• Waste & Upcycling