Self-Wellness is a multidimensional process that bolsters healthy relationships and overall well-being. Self-Wellness comes in many different forms, including eating a healthy, balanced meal, resting, exercising, meditation, sexual wellness, and ‘beauty therapy’.

Throughout the years, studies have shown a correlation between Beauty Routines and Self-Wellness. Scientists and consumers have noted that routines such as bathing, grooming, and overhauling skin routines have positively affected users’ moods and self-esteem. Beauty is therapy for a large portion of the population.1, 2

More and more consumers are interested in skin care products that promote inner emotional well-being. These products claim to relieve stress, provide relaxation, and support consumers’ emotional needs.

More people are openly exploring their emotional needs and expressing themselves, and a part of this exploration includes sexuality and intimacy. Consumers are starting to realize that Sexual Health and Wellness play just as critical a role as maintaining a healthy physical and mental state of mind.

Intimate Care products include lubrication and stimulating products, aromatherapy and mood-setting mist and oils, and hygiene and grooming products. A rising number of Intimate Care Brands have created safe spaces to talk about Sexual Health and Wellness. As a result, the Sexual Wellness market is projected to grow by 6% over the next year.3

These brands have brought to life topics such as vaginal dryness, stamina and endurance, vaginal rejuvenation, and increasing pleasure, which have increased the sales of sex toys, condoms, lubricants, stimulating products, and more.4

In Barnet’s approach to Self-Wellness, we focus on providing beauty-enhancing and self-care supporting personal care ingredients centered around Body Wellness and Positivity, Relaxation and Aromatherapy, Hygiene and Grooming, and Intimate Care (Sexual Wellness), and Emotional Wellness.

Barnet's Approach to-Self Wellness

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Healthy Emotions

We look to promote Healthy Emotions by offering ingredients that boost positive emotions and combat the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

Physical Wellness

Next, we provide ingredients that sculpt and shape the body by smoothing out cellulite, promoting definition, and firming skin.


After, we offer grooming ingredients that gently cleanse, remove hair and exfoliate.

Sexual Wellness

Then, we aid with Sexual Wellness by utilizing ingredients that provide lubrication, increase blood circulation and offer a textural sensation.


Lastly, we offer an assortment of aromatics that will transport you to a calm oasis.


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*References 1-4 can be supplied upon request