BarDiol IPD (Skin)

Key Attributes & Certifications:

Sephora Clean Compliant

Credo Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

EWG (1-2)

No Palm


Halal Compliant


No Preservatives


BarDiol IPD is maximum performance polyol offering an improved skin feel and high shine with a dry, non-tacky skin feel. It provides several benefits in skincare formulations such as humectancy, moisturization, increased active penetration, synergy with preservatives, and more!

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Starting Formulas with BarDiol IPD (Skin)

Give your skin an early boost in the morning that only takes a minute! This morning spray on mask is the perfect way to start your day. It’s a jelly skin shot that will leave you feeling moisturized from A.M. to P.M.
Acqua Mouse is a light and airy textured mousse that transforms into an oil once applied. This formula has a quick dry time with light to medium coverage. Acqua Mousse is perfect for all genders and keeps skin moisturized and healthy while blurring imperfections!
Quench dehydrated skin with a deeply hydrating serum that revitalizes and plumps the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Acqua-Shot acts as a second skin to lock in moisture, reduce flakiness, firm skin and deliver a burst of moisture.    
It’s all about that brow! This wax and oil-free gel-to-powder formula defines the eye contour. AcquaBrow’s combination of hydro-based ingredients will fill in the look of brows without flaking or fading.
Treat and perfect with a Blurring Cica Cream! Soothe, protect, and reduce irritation while blurring for a smooth, even appearance. This silicone-free formula offers immediate results making it excellent for layering or wearing alone!
Immerse your skin in moisture with this bouncy balm foundation. The solid serum is a full coverage product delivering skin care benefits which hydrate the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles with a “Botox-like” effect.
Prep your skin with this silicone-free fluid primer perfect for all skin types! Packed with unique, clean, marine lifting technologies such as: red and green algae that maintain skin hydration levels while firming and neutralizing redness. Wear alone for a hydrated glow finish or wear under makeup.
Fight dull, uneven skin tone daily. Apply the Citrus Smoothing Cream to improve skin’s texture and appearance. Achieve a brighter, renewed, younger looking complexion when applied both day and night.
A squeaky-clean foaming cleanser that feels soft to the touch! It starts as a creamy texture transforming to a luxurious foam. The foam lather will deeply cleanse the skin without stripping essential lipids.
Influenced from Asia, Clear Lotion delivers a refreshing, light-weight, and instant rush of moisture to keep skin feeling hydrated and healthy all day!
Introducing a weightless, long-lasting buttery highlighter perfect for both the face and eyes to achieve a sun-kissed glow. Apply all over the face for a filtered glow or to high points of the face for a subtle or intense HD look.
This gel-like liquid vibrant eyeliner was created to provide a long-lasting defining look! Easy to apply just with one stroke for the perfect eye awakening! Dare to look!
Ready for an eye lift? A highly natural flexible, and low wax content mascara mixed with the blackest black mineral pigments. The Eye Lift Mascara dramatically lifts, lengthens, and flawlessly builds eyelashes for a fierce look. The formula is enriched with volumizing and lengthening actives. Let your lashes be perfectly-defined from root to tip. Get the HD look!
Mid-day slump have you feeling dehydrated? Filter-Free Mist gives just the moisturizing boost needed. The gel-to-mist technology will allow the skin to hydrate quickly during the driest afternoon hours. A quick mist helps to regulate sebum production while maintaining moisturization. Spray, and take your look through the evening.
The Flawless Matte Balanced Foundation ensures a balanced and healthy complexion. As a result of skin harmonization, overall skin health is improved, and blemishes are diminished. This holistic approach maintains skin hydration, treats blemishes lesions while offering natural matte finish.
Find your perfect match! The Full Coverage Protective Foundation provides a flawless, natural-finish, lightweight and breathable hydrating feel. Infused with anti-oxi-inflamm-aging actives that protect the skin against UV induced damage and IR exposure. Tested among different skin tones for the perfect match, protection and application.
Glide on a no-crease, long-lasting moist jelly eyeshadow with a feather lightweight feel and a silky application! Formulated with flexible film formers and moisturizers that will keep your eyes hydrated and flawless. This golden metallic eyeshadow sets quickly for a smudge-proof night out!
A silky-soft, velvety eye serum formulated with a powerhouse of ingredients to target the major signs of aging under and around the eyes. The light gel reduces under eye puffiness and sagging. Infused with a cocktail of micro-algae to increase skin firmness and protect collagen from degradation. The result is a rested, more youthful appearance.
This silicone-free priming gel is the perfect makeup and skin care hybrid! Instantly feel the cooling and refreshing sensation upon application. This primer helps to grip makeup, smooth skin, and blur imperfections while delivering long-lasting hydration.
Blur and hydrate skin with this Oil-Free primer for flawless glam ready skin! Create a flawless base that absorbs oil throughout the day while maintaining moisture. Designed for all day wear no matter how many selfies. Oily skin? We got you covered!
This Jelly Cleanser is a must for beautiful skin! The transformative texture provides an enjoyable experience as you feel a burst of water upon application. Once you begin rinsing, it will self-emulsify removing oils and impurities leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized.
This weightless Jelly Foundation gives your skin a healthy tinted glow filled with lasting hydration. Create an even complexion, covering imperfections, with this bouncy, spreadable foundation. Jelly Foundation will moisturize your skin all day for a smooth, lasting look.
Beam brightly with this jelly textured highlighter offering an instant flush of hydration and a healthy golden glow. Look selfie ready with a beautiful, smooth, radiant complexion. Apply for a ‘filtered’ look without the filter!
The Lamellar Tinted Moisturizer primes, perfects and hydrates in one easy step. Suitable for all skin types as it contains skin-caring ingredients with a lightweight natural-looking dewy coverage. This clean, silicone-free, stem-cell infused formulation will improve skin barrier and hydration levels to achieve a brighter skin complexion.
Blur away imperfections with this D5-Free foundation that glides on like a liquid leaving behind a comfortable powder veil. This oil-free formula will conceal and smooth with a soft focus effect that is long-wearing and non-drying for dependable coverage day to night!
Makeup UV Base is the perfect protective layer for an active lifestyle. This formula offers on-the-go UV protection, pore reduction and sebum control. Makeup UV Base has a bare skin-like finish that focuses on brightening and hydrating pre-makeup application!
Leave on and relax with this ice gold re-texturizing mask! Designed with a “second skin” lamellar crystal technology that improves the skin barrier while illuminating and brightening the skin.
Cleanse your skin with this self-emulsifying, water-based cleanser! This formula incorporates humectants to keep moisture locked in the skin. Antimicrobial ingredients will help to reduce acne-causing bacteria, to keep skin clean and clear. Apply with a cotton ball as the micelles will adhere to the cotton and remove dirt and makeup on your face as you swipe it across your complexion. Its better than just water!
Influenced from Asia, Milky Lotion delivers a refreshing, light-weight, and instant rush of moisture to keep skin feeling hydrated and healthy all day!
Dry hands? This formula has you covered! Moisturizing Hand Cream immediately hydrates skin with lasting moisture to keep your hands looking wrinkle and crack-free all day long! This formula is packed with natural ingredients to revive skin and keep it healthy!
A pocket sized, easy to carry, dewy stick essence which contains approximately 65% moisturizing ingredients. It keeps the skin soft and dewy all day long! Perfect for travel and everyday use to condition and moisturize skin, both at home and on the go!
Oil in Microessece addresses various needs of the skin while improving the skins ability to hydrate itself. Use day or night to achieve mositurization, skin replenishment, and increase skin elasticity. This unique formula also fights wrinkles to ensure your skin is healthy and ready to go for tomorrow!
A luxurious leave-on breathable gel mask that perfects the skin overnight. This ­lightweight formulation helps to replenish the natural moisturizing factors of the skin. Formulated with powerful plant derived ingredients that improves skin elasticity to achieve a healthier complexion.
Spritz and refresh! This spray hydrates, preps, and revives the skin for a glowing healthy appearance. Use before makeup or alone for the perfect makeup look!
QD Foundation is a lightweight formula designed with BB coverage and powerful age fighting ingredients. This formula combats aging with quasi-drug approved components to reduce fine lines and inflammation for a rejuvenated, fresh complexion.
Rejuvenate your skin in the fountain of youth! A combination of natural algae and plant extracts rejuvenate aging cells by boosting the function of youth proteins and mitochondria. This silky serum protects against moisture loss by improving the condition of the stratum corneum, and keeps your skin wrinkle-free!
Unveil the magic within Retinoid F™ THD Ascorbate Cream, embracing all the perks of retinol without any of its harshness. Let your skin revel in the brilliance as it brightens and hydrates, revitalizing your complexion for an unmistakable, natural radiance. This unique formula ensures not just a glowing appearance but also nurtures the skin deeply, making it smooth to the touch. Indulge in the beauty of rejuvenated skin, effortlessly captivating attention with Retinoid F™ Technology.
Silky Firming Serum is a light moisturizing serum that quickly soaks into your skin, leaving it super smooth. It activates osmoregulation for plump, gravity-defying hydrated skin. Elevate your skincare routine with Silky Firming Serum!
A silky-soft, highly buildable blush that feels weightless on the skin providing an intense pop of color! Formulated with high performance humectants and plant-based bio-actives, this blush will leave your cheeks plump and radiant. It provides a luminous light-reflecting glow for skin that looks smooth with a natural flush.
Introducing Skin-Flooding Water Cream, a hydrating formula that floods your skin with moisture! This cream deeply hydrates ensuring your skin stays healthy. Wear alone or layer to increase moisturization, improve efficacy, and strengthen your skin barrier. Experience supercharged hydration with Skin-Flooding Water Cream!
Repair your skin barrier with this powerful cream! Infused with clean-based ingredients and powerful superfood actives it’s the solution to tackle dry skin, wrinkles, inflammation, and much more! A phospholipid bilayer active delivery system creates the perfect base to deliver Niacinamide and hydrophilic ingredients into the skin to improve skin barrier, radiance, collagen and overall hydration.
Protect and repair the skin! This hydrating cream acts as a skin tone corrector to create a flawless, even skin. Infused with Vitamin C ester that fights the first visible sings of aging while providing powerful antioxidant support. Blended with Japanese extracts and sugars helps the skin to reduce urban-induced dark spots by a unique melanin dispersion mechanism. Bye bye age spots!
A lightweight, easy to apply setting powder that will create the perfect skin veil for a flawless complexion. The incorporation of soft-focus hydrating powders will blend effortlessly on the skin to set makeup all day long.
Tired of breakouts? This unique flexible polymer technology enhances Salicylic Acid deposition and reduces irritation potential while treating and preventing blemish lesions. This silky, fast absorbing serum incorporates lab engineered ingredients such as noni stem cells and polysaccharides working together to reduce pore size, sebum and blackheads. Say Bye to Breakouts!
Calm your skin with Soothing Pressed Serum, designed to brighten and clarify skin while reducing irritation and redness. Infused with actives that help accelerate the recovery of blemishes, this soothing serum will melt into your skin for a nourished, clear complexion.
Discover SunShield Glow, a sunscreen that protects while giving skin a radiant glow! Suitable for all skin tones, it hydrates and shields against harmful rays, keeping skin healthy and glowing all day long. Experience the dual benefits of sun protection and luminous skin with SunShield Glow.
A revolutionary ampoule containing a high concentration formula boosts delivery, targets skin brightening on multiple levels and fights the visible signs of aging. Antioxidant protection yields skin that looks more radiant after each use!
Reverse the signs of aging with the vitamin packed exfoliating serum designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall complexion. Formulated with high levels of Lactic Acid, this powerful serum combines an active blend of Vitamins (A and D) to provide gentle exfoliation while fighting aging. The unique delivery mechanism and lightweight texture visibly brightens dull skin.
Feed your skin vital nutrients all day with the Vita-Plex Cream Serum. When applied, this formula absorbs into the skin and gets to work delivering the benefits of vitamins A, C and D. The result is luminous, youthful skin ready to take on the day!
This all-in-one cream delivers maximum hydration to the skin! Frost your body with this gel cream and feel the refreshing break that transforms into a heavier cream for a superb moisturizing after-feel.
Elevate your makeup routine with this luxurious powder that promises to intensify your look with a touch of sophistication. Crafted with a unique formulation, our Velvet Matte Powder offers a smooth and silky texture, gliding effortlessly onto your skin for a flawless matte finish.
Scoop up this airy, mousse and watch as the transformation breaks on your skin! This product breaks from a mousse, releasing the internal water phase and finishing off as a powder. Use as a primer under makeup or wear alone as a moisturizer.
This clean, silicone-free formulation has the aesthetics of a gel with the hydration levels of a night cream! A must-have product to add to your daily skincare routine for increased moisturization. Instantly feel the cooling sensation transform into a moisturizing, rich cream as it absorbs into the skin.

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