Phyko AP-PF


Water (and) Hydrolyzed Algin

Key Attributes & Certifications:


ISO Natural Origin

Sephora Clean Compliant

Credo Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

EWG (1-2)

No Palm



Halal Certified


Phyko AP-PF is an oligosaccharide solution extracted from brown seaweed. When applied to skin it remains on the surface of the epidermis, layering a protective marine skin on human skin. This protective layer shields the skin against harsh environmental factors including particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less (PM 2.5).

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Starting Formulas with Phyko AP-PF

Shield your face from daily aggressors with a veil of protection. Apply the Makeup Veil Primer to create an even base for makeup application. This primer glides on to perfect skin with a light silky texture strong enough to reduce the adherence of pollution and maintain a locked-in look!
Oil-Absorbing Mist emulsifies excess undesired sebum without stripping the scalp leaving it moisturized, but oil-free. Perfect for post-workout or to revive day-old locks!
Protect your skin from daily exposure to pollution with this rich foundation that will immediately quench dry skin. This Alpha-Gel emulsion is combined with actives for maximum skin protection from environmental damage and the stress of fast-paced city life.

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