NET-Sterol ISO

Key Attributes & Certifications:

ISO Natural Origin

Sephora Clean Compliant

Credo Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

EWG (1-2)

No Palm


Halal Certified


No Preservatives

NET-Sterol ISO is a plant-derived emollient. It is recommended in emulsions as a plant alternative to cholesterol esters. Additionally it increases skin elasticity and softness.

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Starting Formulas with NET-Sterol ISO

Chok-Chok Velvet Matte Lipstick is a beautiful, smooth deep rouge. This feather-like texture will glide onto lips with one swipe, creating the perfect combination of a matte look with maximum moisture.
Clean Skin Bio-Cream was designed as a clean, skin loving, daily brightening treatment. Formulated to even skin tone, brighten complexion and decrease hyperpigmentation this lightweight cream targets dullness from all angles while also delivering essential moisturization for a brighter, youthful appearance!
Are you in a rush? Take cleansing with you on the go! Infused with charcoal powder to detox the skin from dirt and impurities delivering the right amount of moisture and lipids into the skin. Once the stick interacts with water it will bloom into a cleansing milk removing impurities, dirt and sebum.
Oil in Microessece addresses various needs of the skin while improving the skins ability to hydrate itself. Use day or night to achieve mositurization, skin replenishment, and increase skin elasticity. This unique formula also fights wrinkles to ensure your skin is healthy and ready to go for tomorrow!
Achieve a brighter complexion with Skin Brightening Moisturizer. Reduce skin dullness while also moisturizing, without an oily feel. This formula focuses on creating a process of restoration rather than masking the flaws. Improve skin radiance and confidence!
Protect and repair the skin! This hydrating cream acts as a skin tone corrector to create a flawless, even skin. Infused with Vitamin C ester that fights the first visible sings of aging while providing powerful antioxidant support. Blended with Japanese extracts and sugars helps the skin to reduce urban-induced dark spots by a unique melanin dispersion mechanism. Bye bye age spots!
Heat damage from daily styling doesn’t have to dull hair! Apply the ultimate protection post-cleanse with the quat-free Heat Protection Masque. Rinse or leave-in to protect and repair the hair from heat damage while promoting hair luminosity for the perfect, healthy shine!