Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (and) Pistacia Lentiscus Gum

Key Attributes & Certifications:


ISO Natural Origin

Sephora Clean Compliant

Credo Clean Compliant

Ulta Clean Compliant

EWG (1-2)

RSPO Certified


Halal Certified


No Preservatives

Lachestim is a lipophilic extract of the “crystal tears” of the Pistacia lentiscus tree. It increases the density of skin supporting fibers (collagen) for a more youthful appearance

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Starting Formulas with Lachestim

Turn-up from day to night! Build your own look from medium to full coverage. This powder foundation is the perfect match between skin and color. It provides a smooth application with a soft-matte finish while moisturizing the skin.
Rejuvenate your skin in the fountain of youth! A combination of natural algae and plant extracts rejuvenate aging cells by boosting the function of youth proteins and mitochondria. This silky serum protects against moisture loss by improving the condition of the stratum corneum, and keeps your skin wrinkle-free!
Touching up grays has never been so easy! Root Touch Up Powder instantly covers roots with little to no mess. Extend the time between salon visits with Root Touch Up Powder!

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