Step into the world of APAC Beauty, where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge skin care innovation. Our catalog boasts a treasure trove of ingredients sourced from the diverse landscapes of the Asia-Pacific region, from the majestic Mount Fuji to the pristine shores of Hokkaido. Let’s embark on a journey through our featured ingredients, each with its unique story and transformative powers infused into color starting formulations.

Longevity & Luminosity: Defy Gravity and Illuminate

As time passes, the effects of gravity take their toll on our skin, leading to slackness, furrows, and sagging. But fear not, for Gravistem, derived from the resilient Isodon japonicus plant, offers a solution. With stems that defy gravity, this Japanese botanical aids the skin in resisting the downward pull, helping to restore its youthful firmness and resilience. Alongside, Morinda Jusu, the fermented juice of L. Morinda citrifolia from the Japanese Polynesian island of Okinawa, enriches the skin with its tested ability to improve skin smoothness. These ingredients, combined, provide a powerful duo for combating signs of aging and promoting a luminous complexion.

Renewal: Revitalize with Recycoll 180

Harnessing the power of lemon balm, Recycoll 180 supports the skin’s natural collagen recycling process. By aiding in the Endo 180 cycle, this potent extract rejuvenates the skin from within, promoting a smoother, more youthful appearance over time.

Regeneration: Reveal Radiance with Angelys

Derived from the roots of Angelica acutiloba in Hokkaido, Angelys works wonders in dispersing melanin in keratinocytes. By activating protease enzymes, Angelys helps to break down melanin deposits, leaving the skin visibly brighter and more even toned.

Recovery: Soothe and Calm with Maplelin

As seasons change, skin may experience redness and irritation. Enter Maplelin, an extract of maple leaves renowned for its ability to combat seasonal redness. By downregulating UV/heat-sensitive genes, Maplelin reduces the proliferation of capillary vessels, restoring calm and comfort to the skin.

Protection: Shield Against UV with Capsuji

In the battle against UV-induced redness, Capsuji emerges as a formidable ally. Sourced from the lush green tea fields of Uji, this extract reduces Calpain activity, thereby minimizing the production of inflammatory cytokines. Say hello to soothed, protected skin, even in the face of sun exposure.

Barnet’s Approach

In the realm of APAC Beauty, nature reigns supreme, offering a bounty of botanical treasures waiting to transform the skin. Barnet embraces the power of these time-tested ingredients by creating a collection of starting formulations to deliver longstanding benefits.

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Morinda Jusu is fermented juice of Noni. This Noni is exclusively from the Japanese Polynesian island of Okinawa. Morinda Jusu improves Kime (skin smoothness) by increasing the cornified envelope in the stratum corneum.
Angelys is an extract of an Asian plant that effectively targets age spots and disperses melanin for a clarifying and brightening skin effect.
Capsuji is sustainably sourced from Japan and protects against harmful oxidation in the skin.
The mechanical resistance of the skin decreases as we age, essentially gravity pulls the skin downward, and it translates into skin slackness, furors, and sagging skin. Gravistem was developed from a tall Japanese plant to aid the skin in defying gravity.
Maplelin is an extract of Maple leaves. It is well know that leaves turn red in the fall; this is called Momiji in Japan. In the fall, red spots appear on the faces of some people due to the weather change and Maplelin can help prevent this. It downregulates a UV/heat sensitive gene and as a result, it reduces the proliferation of capillary vessels. The final effect reducing seasonal redness and irritation.
Momolyn is an extract of an evergreen perennial plant called Zingiberaceae of the ginger family. Known as one of the most nutrient dense plants, it is commonly brewed as tea and is rich in polyphenols. Momolyn is tested in vitro to increase collagen synthesis and inhibit collagen degradation.
Recycoll 180 is extracted from lemon balm, a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family. It supports the Endo 180 cycle, which is responsible for recycling collagen into re-usable amino acids in the skin.