Decoding curl types can be confusing as multiple different textures can exist on one head of curly hair.  The road to understanding and embracing hair texture can be simplified with hair typing system for curls.  There are a few different sets of guidelines that are useful in helping identify different curl patterns.

The three most common guidelines are:

  1. Andre Walker classification is  4 types with 10 sub-types.1
  2. L’Oreal Consumer classification is 3 types with 3 sub-types. 2
  3. LOIS system is designed to eliminate need for type numbers; based on shape of letters:  L (bend), O (curl), I (straight), S (wave). 3

Textured hair is found around the world in many different races. Identifying the type, pattern, and properties of hair can lead to customized care and proper treatment per hair type. Hair fiber diameter ellipticity, hair body, hair frizziness and scalp dryness generally increase from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. 1 Whereas the amount of moisture, fiber strength/elasticity, ease of combing, shine and fiber smoothness tends to decrease from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. 1 The properties of Type 4 hair (combability, moisture and elasticity, ellipticity, shine, static charge, hair growth and scalp dryness) when evaluated, determine that Type 4 hair is difficult to comb and has less moisture and less elasticity, less shine, lower growth rate, is more elliptical acquires more static charge upon combing, and the scalp is more beset with bacteria and fungus. 1 This creates a need for tailored, customized products in the market to meet the demand of this consumer group.

Consumers with textured/ ethnic hair prefer products targeted to them due to different needs compared to straight hair, products for specific hair types are critical, texture-specific products deliver better results.4

Consumers in this group still have unmet needs including products that help with curl definition frizz protection, curl hold without crunch, adequate moisture, products that leave curls naturally soft, won’t stretch or weigh curls down and products that keep hair straight when consumers straighten their curls.

Barnet offers a variety of hair care ingredients tailored to deliver results to curly and textured hair. Explore a collection of starting formulas utilizing these ingredients designed to embrace and care for textured hair.

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*References 1-4 can be supplied upon request