In the timeline of life, the transition from “growing up” to “getting older” takes place. Aging is an inevitable, continuous process of natural changes that can begin in early adolescence. These changes can be associated with thinning, dull, fragile hair, loss of diameter and volume, scalp dryness, and scalp sensitivity.

Proactive measures of aging are of particular interest among consumers of every age group. The “Anti-Aging” hair product market is expected to grow globally by over 5% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028¹. (see graph) This thriving growth is linked to the “skinification” of hair where consumers desire to protect and promote the health of their hair beyond the essential shampooing and conditioning. 1

Scalp sensitivity and hair loss have become major concerns. There are numerous age-related products in the skincare regime of beauty. However, the beauty industry is just beginning to implement products that rewind the hair aging process. Over 50% of US consumers are willing to pay more for products that claim to reverse the hair aging process. ²

Barnet’s approach to Pro-Aging Hair is to provide and protect the hair by combating the effects of aging on scalp health, structural hair health, and enhancing shine and luster for the overall vitality of healthy hair with consciously created sustainable hair care ingredients.


Scalp Health

We plan to improve scalp health by addressing scalp dryness and flakiness by increasing hydration and protecting against environmental factors that can lead to scalp sensitivity.

Featuring: CapiLipid  |  CapiSoothe  BarPore 42


Structural Effects of Aging

Next, we aim to improve the structural effects of hair aging by preventing lipid loss and increasing the density, volume, and overall strength of the hair.

Featuring: CapiSeal®  |  BV-OSC  |   CapiLipid  | Capi-Secretys-PC


Reviving Dull Hair

Lastly, we look to aid in reviving dull hair by enhancing the shine and luster of the hair.

Featuring: BV-OSC  |   CapiSeal®  |   BarDiol IPD


Pro-Aging Hair

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*References 1-3 can be supplied upon request